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Create a full MIDI Drumset with Guitar Hero and Rock Band Drums

Here is a demonstration of using both the Guitar Hero World Tour Drums for Wii and the Rock Band Drums for Wii to create a full MIDI Drumset: Camille, the programmer of OSCulator, got his program working with the Velocity-sensitive Guitar Hero drums. Download OSCulator here: http://www.osculator.net/wp/ I’m still using JunXion to receive MIDI from […]

Video Demo of the incredible iPhone iGOG Mic Trigger Mode

I recently saw a demo of the incredible new iGOG drum trigger program on Create Digital Music. This is the best drum app for the iPhone I’ve ever seen, because it processes the microphone input at the same time you’re playing to determine velocity. The drums are multi-sampled and hitting different areas of the pads […]

Burning Man 2008

( diy anddrumming andmisc andMusic andphotography )

Burning Man was incredible. If you went to a museum, any museum, you wouldn’t see as much art per square foot, it wouldn’t be as interesting or interactive, and it wouldn’t be free like it was here. There’s nothing like wandering the desert at night and stumbling upon a giant 5 story rocket you can […]

Turn Wii Rock Band Instruments into Real Instruments with Junxion

UpdateCheck out my velocity sensitive full MIDI drumset with the guitar hero set and the rockband set. Today I figured out how to easily turn the rock band drum set for Wii into a MIDI drum controller: I did this with Junxion, a program that allows you to transform USB and wireless game controller input […]

Chucho Valdes – Live Ponle La Clave online

Now that I’m realizing how easy it is to share music via embedded youtube videos, I’ll start discussing music: Here is a great video of Chucho Valdes playing one of my all time favorite songs, Ponle La Clave. Here is the second half: I skipped to that so you wouldn’t miss the awesome drumming. But […]

Free Explanation Album Online

( drumming andMusic )

I put all of the 2005 Explanation album online. It plays when you visit the site and you can also download all of the mp3s. http://theexplanation.com. I played drums in the Explanation from 2003-2005 and recorded the first five tracks of this album. Now that The Explanation’s over I’m in a new band, Samantha with […]

Raul Pineda is my all-time favorite drummer

( drumming andJazz andMusic andvirtuosos )

Call me a Raul Pineda fan. I’ve been obsessed with Chucho Valdes’s track Ponle La Clave from Live at the Village Vanguard ever since I first heard an MP3 of it in college (mislabeled as ‘ponte la clave’). I later bought the album Live at the Village Vanguard, which is great, and so is Valdes’s […]