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Video Demo of the incredible iPhone iGOG Mic Trigger Mode

I recently saw a demo of the incredible new iGOG drum trigger program on Create Digital Music. This is the best drum app for the iPhone I’ve ever seen, because it processes the microphone input at the same time you’re playing to determine velocity. The drums are multi-sampled and hitting different areas of the pads […]

No file or output access to iPhone MP3 library – 3.0 SDK still too restrictive

So the iPhone 3.0 SDK does allow you to play music from the iPod library from within your application. However, you do not have file access to the mp3s, nor can you control the output other than the standard iPod player controls, i.e. play, stop, skip, and volume. This means you can’t add effects, you […]

iPhone OS 3.0 – First look

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Edit: Wow!! Beta 2 is out, and is running a lot smoother. Bugs that have been fixed are now crossed out. I installed the iPhone 3.0 beta OS tonight and am pretty impressed. If you are a registered iphone developer ($99), you can download the beta and install it on your phone. A warning though […]

Best iPhone tips site yet

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This thread’s great. http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php?t=1400919&page=1&pp=15 So far I’ve learned: • You can take a screenshot on the iphone by holding down the hold menu button and hitting the sleep button. It gets saved to your photo roll. • You can insert punctuation by simply clicking on the .?123 button, holding, and dragging to a character, and […]

Converted DIY IR Pen from Candy Toy

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-Update- I modified my original design, swapping the LED onto the other end of the pen and ditching the cardboard. The thinner end plus the see through tube makes this version work magnificently. This version was harder because I had to drill holes for the led and the wires to go through several parts of […]