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DIY Custom Acrylic Music Keyboard Case

My music keyboard is placed underneath my window, making it a great platform for my cats to walk on. They would constantly step on the keys or buttons, disrupting my Logic sessions by changing MIDI channels or programs. But the last straw was when one of my cats vomited on the keyboard. I decided to […]


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I added this simple code to turn off autoplay when loading my site: [object type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”300″ height=”153″ data=”http://jordanbalagot.com/xspf_player.swf?playlist_url=http://jordanbalagot.com/jbplaylist.xml&autoplay=&autoresume=0&volume_level=50″>

Video Blog: Using Guitar Hero World Tour Wii Drums as MIDI Controllers on OS X with OSCulator

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Ever since I heard that Guitar Hero World Tour’s drums were velocity sensitive, I wanted to try using them as MIDI controllers. Thanks to this post by Camille, developer of OSCulator, I finally got the Wii World Tour drums to work with velocity sensitivity. Unfortunately, as the video demonstrates, they don’t work too well. Either […]

Burning Man 2008

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Burning Man was incredible. If you went to a museum, any museum, you wouldn’t see as much art per square foot, it wouldn’t be as interesting or interactive, and it wouldn’t be free like it was here. There’s nothing like wandering the desert at night and stumbling upon a giant 5 story rocket you can […]

Quick DIY Portable iPhone 3g Charger

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I’m going to the desert for a week and wanted a way to recharge my iPhone. I bought a zap rx4-c, which works with most of my other devices, only to learn that it’s not compatible with the iPhone. Zap’s customer service was friendly but they should change their description in two ways: One, you […]

Turn Wii Rock Band Instruments into Real Instruments with Junxion

UpdateCheck out my velocity sensitive full MIDI drumset with the guitar hero set and the rockband set. Today I figured out how to easily turn the rock band drum set for Wii into a MIDI drum controller: I did this with Junxion, a program that allows you to transform USB and wireless game controller input […]

How to Make a DIY Music Staff Roller Stamp

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Here are instructions on how to make a Music Staff Roller Stamp, a rolling ink stamp you can use to quickly draw a staff onto paper for jotting down musical ideas. You can get all the hardware for less than $10 and it only takes about 2 minutes to make. Materials: 1 brass door hinge […]

Johnny Lee’s wiimote head tracking is even cooler

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Johnny Lee‘s latest wiimote hack, tracking your head position and alternating a 3D display accordingly, is even cooler: I installed the software and it gave me a “FishtankVR has encoundered a problem and needs to close” error, but that was fixed by installing the DirectX SDK. I can get the program to work just by […]

Converted DIY IR Pen from Candy Toy

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-Update- I modified my original design, swapping the LED onto the other end of the pen and ditching the cardboard. The thinner end plus the see through tube makes this version work magnificently. This version was harder because I had to drill holes for the led and the wires to go through several parts of […]

My DIY Keyboard Drawer

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So I’ll put up plans later, but here are pictures of my do it yourself MIDI keyboard drawer I just finished (click to enlarge):