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Squarepusher takeover and live puppies

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First off, Squarepusher has taken over the music page of the Guardian: http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/ And now, here are some live puppies: What more could you want?

Turn Wii Rock Band Instruments into Real Instruments with Junxion

UpdateCheck out my velocity sensitive full MIDI drumset with the guitar hero set and the rockband set. Today I figured out how to easily turn the rock band drum set for Wii into a MIDI drum controller: I did this with Junxion, a program that allows you to transform USB and wireless game controller input […]

Cute sampling robot

Good god do I want this thing. More videos here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/112

Map .rex loops to the keyboard in Logic 8

-edit- There is an easier way of automatically mapping rex files to the EXS 24 instead of Ultrabeat. Here is a fairly tedious method of converting a Recycle Rex file into Ultrabeat in Logic so that you can play the loop mapped to your keyboard like you can with Dr. Rex in Reason: -Create an […]

New Favorite Current Band – The Flashbulb

I just found the band The Flashbulb, which is the answer to my posted previous question, is there anything these days that can rival 90’s Squarepusher? This stuff is mindblowing. Really good IDM and well composed music, and best of all, he’s based in Chicago! I had no idea that scene even existed here. Radiohead’s […]

holy amazing – multi-user electro-acoustic music instrument with a tabletop tangible user interface

Wow, this is really, really amazing. It’s a touch sensitive glowing video musical instrument / programming language. You use tangible objects to control synths, control values, pulses, and more. I don’t even know how the table recognizes which object is where, what rotation, and what orientation it’s in. You can rotate to control frequency or […]

A consumer’s guide to current drum pads

Back when I was writing the Djurdevdan remix for Stepmania, I tried creating a pair of MIDI-flipflops as a way to procrastinate and also to try to use them as drum triggers to help me write/program drum beats. The idea was to put two sensors in each one and wear them on my hands, and […]

My recent electronic music exploration

Anyone who knows me will know that squarepusher is one of my favorite electronic artists, and even, artists of all time. His groovy jazz, funky beats, backbreaking tempos and mind-bending editing make it sound like the most complicated, innovative music I’ve ever heard. Granted he has a lot to thank from Aphex Twin and the […]