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Wordle of all Britney Spears Lyrics

I need to write Britney Spears-type lyrics for a pop song, so I created a Wordle of all of her lyrics from 1999-2010: The results were not that surprising, but it’s still helpful. Wordle link: http://www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/1920760/Britney_Spears_Complete_Lyrics Vector PDF download Another version with over 1000 words: http://www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/1920824/Britney_Spears_Complete_Lyrics_2 Vector PDF download

Lanatur – A time lapse nature music video

Below is a time-lapse nature music video highlighting the MP3 “Age of Innocence” using my amateur photography of Los Angeles: The extremely talented Ian Maksin is featured on this track, which is available for download here.

New Video + Music: The Ginger Virus

I made a new video: It’s 2012. President Palin has been unable to stop the collapse of the global economy. The catastrophic Ginger virus has the ability to spread between humans and computers alike. It has taken over the world bank databases and it produces devastating isolation among its human hosts. This was a story […]

Why has no one made a modern Cinématographe yet?

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In the late 1800s, French inventor Léon Bouly made a device called a Cinématographe (Cinematograph) that could both function as a film camera and a video projector. So you could go out and shoot, bring the camera inside, invite the friends over, and project your movie. How cool is that? Modern digital projectors are getting […]

Burning Man 2008

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Burning Man was incredible. If you went to a museum, any museum, you wouldn’t see as much art per square foot, it wouldn’t be as interesting or interactive, and it wouldn’t be free like it was here. There’s nothing like wandering the desert at night and stumbling upon a giant 5 story rocket you can […]

Crafty and Sad

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I saw this on Winona st. the other day.

Chicago Traffic, Traffic Statistics, and the One Museum Park building

I’ve been using this site I found about about, GCM Travel Stats, for predicting and analyzing Chicago traffic a lot lately. It works pretty well unless you get an unprecedented freak traffic spike like I did today: It took me almost two hours to get from Midway to Uptown. I think it was the cubs […]

Crazy Shawshank Redemption Tree

I started admiring this tree off of I-55 about a year and a half ago on my many trips to and from St. Louis from Chicago. I noticed it for its odd asymmetry and for its placement (all alone in a beautiful field on a farm). It reminded me of that Shawshank Redemption quote– There’s […]