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New Video + Music: The Ginger Virus

Posted on Tuesday 28 October 2008

I made a new video:

It’s 2012. President Palin has been unable to stop the collapse of the global economy. The catastrophic Ginger virus has the ability to spread between humans and computers alike. It has taken over the world bank databases and it produces devastating isolation among its human hosts.

This was a story idea by Andy Hill, director of the Music Composition for the Screen program at Columbia College Chicago. I realized the video with additional footage from College Humor and YouTube. This was shot on a Canon Vixia HV30 and I did the post production with Photoshop, Swift 3D and Final Cut Express.

Filmmaking is a hobby of mine and I’m enjoying the new HV30. I had to take several portfolio clips down because of copyright issues, so look here in the future for ‘Sweeded’ films my friends and I are making to go with my music.

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