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Chucho Valdes – Live Ponle La Clave online

Now that I’m realizing how easy it is to share music via embedded youtube videos, I’ll start discussing music: Here is a great video of Chucho Valdes playing one of my all time favorite songs, Ponle La Clave. Here is the second half: I skipped to that so you wouldn’t miss the awesome drumming. But […]

Rip MP3s from youtube online

I don’t know why the MAFIAA (MPAA, RIAA, etc) is so vehement about eradicating mp3s from the interent but then allowing all kinds of music on youtube, but it’s trival to download the FLV from youtube for listening and watching later, to convert it to other formats, or to strip the audio into mp3 for […]

New Favorite Current Band – The Flashbulb

I just found the band The Flashbulb, which is the answer to my posted previous question, is there anything these days that can rival 90’s Squarepusher? This stuff is mindblowing. Really good IDM and well composed music, and best of all, he’s based in Chicago! I had no idea that scene even existed here. Radiohead’s […]