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Archive for December, 2007

Johnny Lee’s wiimote head tracking is even cooler

( diy andvideo andwii )

Johnny Lee‘s latest wiimote hack, tracking your head position and alternating a 3D display accordingly, is even cooler: I installed the software and it gave me a “FishtankVR has encoundered a problem and needs to close” error, but that was fixed by installing the DirectX SDK. I can get the program to work just by […]

Chucho Valdes – Live Ponle La Clave online

Now that I’m realizing how easy it is to share music via embedded youtube videos, I’ll start discussing music: Here is a great video of Chucho Valdes playing one of my all time favorite songs, Ponle La Clave. Here is the second half: I skipped to that so you wouldn’t miss the awesome drumming. But […]

Rip MP3s from youtube online

I don’t know why the MAFIAA (MPAA, RIAA, etc) is so vehement about eradicating mp3s from the interent but then allowing all kinds of music on youtube, but it’s trival to download the FLV from youtube for listening and watching later, to convert it to other formats, or to strip the audio into mp3 for […]

Converted DIY IR Pen from Candy Toy

( diy andmultitouch andvideo andwii )

-Update- I modified my original design, swapping the LED onto the other end of the pen and ditching the cardboard. The thinner end plus the see through tube makes this version work magnificently. This version was harder because I had to drill holes for the led and the wires to go through several parts of […]

I’m the best pixel ever

( misc )

My friend Mike and I were extras in Batman: The Dark Knight. The trailer has been released in HD. I think we’re those two pixels in the top right of the HD version! 😛 -edit- inotocracy on digg turned my comment into a waldo reference… *golf clap*

Tool shortcuts for Finale 2008

( finale andMusic )

One thing that bugs me in Finale is the inability to switch tools with keyboard shortcuts. Programs like Photoshop, Logic, Reason, and Final Cut Pro have quick default keyboard shortcuts for switching between tools. Finale’s metatools are great for applying articulations, expressions and dynamics quickly, but no default keyboard shortcuts for selecting those tools. In […]