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Convert controller data in Logic

( Apple andfinale andLogic 8 andMusic )

In Logic, often when I import a MIDI file from Finale, Finale puts volume data all over the place and the fader in the mixer bounces up and down as a result. I wanted an easy way to convert this data to expression data so that I could regain control of my fader. There are […]

Find tuplets below the staff in Finale files via music XML

In the orchestration class I’m taking we have some very strict guidelines on how our sheet music should be formatted. I’m writing some scripts to detect notational errors in my scores based on these guidelines. The first one I wrote detects if tuplets are marked below the staff. Our conductor requires us to have all […]

Tool shortcuts for Finale 2008

( finale andMusic )

One thing that bugs me in Finale is the inability to switch tools with keyboard shortcuts. Programs like Photoshop, Logic, Reason, and Final Cut Pro have quick default keyboard shortcuts for switching between tools. Finale’s metatools are great for applying articulations, expressions and dynamics quickly, but no default keyboard shortcuts for selecting those tools. In […]