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Download the LA Picker Theme Song

The last episode of LA Picker, a webseries I scored, will be released tomorrow. Below, you can listen to / download the theme song: You can watch the whole series here:

“I Do” and “Genderfreak” premiere at Outfest

“I Do”, a feature written and starring David Ross and directed by Glenn Gaylord, is premiering July 18th at 8:30 pm at Outfest at the Ford Amphitheater. It is an extremely well-produced, beautifully shot and well-written drama with themes about gay marriage and immigration rights that is getting great reviews. I scored the film with […]

Killer Elite In Theaters September 23

I am excited to have been part of Reinhold Heil and Johnny Klimek’s scoring team for the upcoming release of Killer Elite, in Theaters September 23. I am credited as a music programmer and score performer on the film, and my original work can be heard on the tracks “Room Service”, “Hunter’s Release”, and “End […]

Genderfreak Music Video and Kickstarter Campaign

I am the composer and music supervisor for Genderfreak, a new film by Becca Louisell. Below is a music video and Kickstarter campaign for the film: I wrote the song in the music video and co-wrote the lyrics with Louisell. I am excited to be working on a film that deals with transgender issues in […]