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Best iPhone tips site yet

Posted on Thursday 17 July 2008

This thread’s great.
So far I’ve learned:
• You can take a screenshot on the iphone by holding down the hold menu button and hitting the sleep button. It gets saved to your photo roll.
• You can insert punctuation by simply clicking on the .?123 button, holding, and dragging to a character, and when you let go it brings you back to your keyboard! This is the best tip to speed up typing I’ve learned yet.
• You can do the same with shift: drag from shift to a character to quickly capitalize.
• You can hold down a character for a few seconds to get other accent equivalents (such as å, é, ü).
• You can drag before letting go on a letter in general to improve accuracy.
• You can hold down the .com button to get .org and .edu, and sometimes you can hold down the . button to get .com.
• You can tap the very top edge of an app to jump to the top of the page (Safari, SMS, etc.). This wasn’t working for me until I really put half my thumb off the screen on top.
• You can rotate the iPhone sideways in Safari BEFORE activating the keyboard to get a landscape keyboard. So far Safari is the only app to use this.
• You can double click the menu button when the iPod is playing to get a quick iPod transport control popup.
• You can pause and resume songs with the headset button by squeezing once, and skip songs by squeezing twice.
• You can tap the album art in the iPod to get a draggable bar for faster seeking.
• You can make your own ringtones by saving .30 second or less AAC files as .m4v and renaming them to .m4r. When you sync them or drag them to your phone they show up as custom ringtones.

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