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Archive for March, 2008

Map .rex loops to the keyboard in Logic 8 – easier method

( Apple andaudio andLogic 8 andMusic )

My friends Nathaniel, Charlie and I figured out a better way to map rex files into Logic using EXS 24 instead of Ultrabeat: -Create a new EXS 24 instrument, open EXS 24 and click on edit. -Click on Instrument > Recycle Convert > Slice Loop and Add Samples to Current Instrument. Extract MIDI Region and […]

OS X Prank – sleep via ssh

( misc andpranks )

There are several ways to do it: sudo shutdown -s now Note: that opens up a terminal window with a warning and a copy of your entire ssh session. You can also use: sudo osascript -e ‘tell app “Finder” to sleep’ That one’s more stealthy.

OS X prank – Open a dialog via SSH

( misc andpranks )

Try this command when you’re SSHed into a machine: osascript -e ‘tell application “Finder”‘ -e “activate” -e “display dialog \”Happy April Fools!\”” -e ‘end tell’

OS X Prank – ‘Say’ via SSH

( misc andpranks )

Open a ssh session to your target computer and try any of these commands: say Hi say “Happy April Fools’ Day” say -v ‘Zarvox’ “You’ve been hacked”

OS X Prank – RickRoll via SSH

( pranks )

If you have ssh access to an OS X computer, type this command in your SSH session to rick roll them: open /Applications/Safari.app http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yu_moia-oVI In the spirit of April Fools Day, I’m making a new ‘pranks’ category.

Best Magic Eye Ever

( misc )

Heh, funny… http://vortrack.net/wp-content/uploads/2007/12/magic-eye.gif I solved it with photoshop… http://jordanbalagot.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/magic-eye-answer.gif But the joke’s on me, isn’t it?

Map .rex loops to the keyboard in Logic 8

-edit- There is an easier way of automatically mapping rex files to the EXS 24 instead of Ultrabeat. Here is a fairly tedious method of converting a Recycle Rex file into Ultrabeat in Logic so that you can play the loop mapped to your keyboard like you can with Dr. Rex in Reason: -Create an […]

Graphically Time Stretch Regions in Logic

( Apple andaudio andLogic 8 )

In Logic 8 you can now graphically time stretch audio files without changing their pitch. Hold down option and drag the end of a file to compress or extend it. This is so much easier than trying to use the time machine manually and trying to figure out the math transformation to get what you […]