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Tim Robbins Jamming at BB’s

Posted on Monday 4 June 2007

So I won two tickets to the Tony T Memorial Concert at BB’s tonight from the radio station WSIE 88.7. They mention having a special guest there but I’m just psyched to hear the jazz.

Elizabeth says “look there’s the actor Tim Robbins, I think he’s supposed to play harmonica later,” and I say “that’s funny. What celebrities have people told you you look like?,” not believing that it’s really him. Then the MC says something about Tim Robbins and I think that that’s unfortunate, that that guy is either nicknamed Tim Robbins or is really named Tim Robbins and really looks like him. But then I notice the respect everyone on stage is giving him, and how everyone in the audience has their cell phones out snapping photos.

Holy Crap! That really might be Tim Robbins jamming the blues right in front of me at BB’s in St. Louis in a crowd of like, 50 people. He only seemed to know three chords and he played every blues song like he was playing hard rock, but still, that could be Tim fucking Robbins, my favorite actor in the whole world. Holy Shit!

Tim Robbins

Here’s a quick video I shot of him during other people’s solos. He doesn’t sing in this clip but you can see him jamming.

I started believing it when the guy next to me kept pestering me to email him a copy. I kept saying “no way no way” all night bugging Elizabeth. They say he comes in once a year or so to jam and hang out. Actually come to think of it I saw an ad on craigslist a couple months back looking for extras for his film The Return, so maybe he’s in town for that.

When I got back I searched for other blogs about Tim Robbins in St. Louis and found one saying someone spotted him and Vince Vaughn at BB’s in 2005. Holy crap! Elizabeth said to me, “You don’t believe anything unless the internet verifies it.” True enough.

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