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Go Home: One-Click directions for iPhone hack

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Here is a hack that allows you to click a button on your home screen and get directions home or anywhere else from your current location. Instructions To begin, open Safari and go to this address: http://jordanbalagot.com/gohome.php Next, enter your full address into the address field: Then, add the next page to your home screen […]


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I added this simple code to turn off autoplay when loading my site: [object type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”300″ height=”153″ data=”http://jordanbalagot.com/xspf_player.swf?playlist_url=http://jordanbalagot.com/jbplaylist.xml&autoplay=&autoresume=0&volume_level=50″>

‘Neoteny and Human Evolution” video online

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I did the music for Andrew Lehman’s “Neoteny and Human Evolution” video, RT ~10 mins: Andrew reaches a very interesting theory towards the end of the video. Check out his work on evolutionary theory at Neoteny.org. I will be uploading an edited version of the music in mp3 format soon.

Yi Soon Shin Trailer Online, MP3 Download Available

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I recently completed the score for the trailer to Yi Soon Shin, a comic by Onrie Kompan: The mp3 is available here. Please visit the Yi Soon Shin Website for more information about the comic, it’s very good!

Huge Improvements to the Flash Music Player – Autoresume, Volume, Shuffle, and more

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I upgraded the XSPF player to a hugely improved version I found here: http://www.boutell.com/xspf/ Now, as you surf the site, the music will auto-resume to where you left off. Also, if you stop the music, it remains stopped as you surf other pages or come back to my site later. The enhanced XSPF player also […]

New Facebook App: Group Friends by Location

I wrote a new facebook app, Group Friends By Location. If you install it, it shows your friends grouped by city, state, or country. This can be used as a reference to create events and easily invite friends in your location. Please try it out and let me know what you think. Note: the app […]

Syndicated floating flash music player available

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I’m going to be including the floating flash player with my music on some other sites I’ve made. If you’re interested, here is code that you can paste in that will display the floating flash player on your site and remotely fetch the most recent music from my site: <script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://jordanbalagot.com/float.js”></script> <script> if (NS4) […]

New Flash MP3 Player

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I’ve finally implemented a working new flash mp3 player. It floats in the bottom right corner of all of the pages on this site and highlights my more recent work. On the home page, it plays automatically, and on my blog it starts paused. It uses the excellent XSPF web music player and this floating […]

Peeling it Off Now Online, Official Selection at Slamdance

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Matthew Singletary’s Peeling it Off is now available for viewing online, and also made the Slamdance film festival: http://www.slamdance.com/videos/products/742.html I did all of the music in the film except for the R&B song. Please check it out, and if you like it, vote for it in the festival! Voting registration is free. Thanks for watching […]

New Custom Growl and MP3 Download Notification System

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This weekend I wrote and combined some custom statistics software that broadcasts activity onto my site. I’ve been getting lots of direct mp3 traffic from China thanks to the music search engine Soso. I wanted to highlight that activity as well as try to encourage users to browse the rest of my site. I also […]