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Convert controller data in Logic

Posted on Sunday 26 July 2009

In Logic, often when I import a MIDI file from Finale, Finale puts volume data all over the place and the fader in the mixer bounces up and down as a result. I wanted an easy way to convert this data to expression data so that I could regain control of my fader.

There are two ways to do this:

1) Open up the piano roll for the selected region (‘P’)
2) Click on Functions > Transform
3) Click Presets: New Parameter set, Create
4) Choose Status = Control
5) Choose Data Byte 1 = 7
6) Underneath Data Byte 1 = 7, choose Fix and set it to 11.
7) Select and operate.
In this method, you can reuse this transformer you created.

The other way to do this is:
1) Open up the event view for the selected region (‘E’)
2) Click on all of the filter buttons except controller
3) Find an event with Num=7, Length/Info Volume
4) Click Edit > Select Similar Events
5) Click on one of the 7s in the Num column and change it to 11
All of the volume events should be changed to expression.

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