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Logic Tip: Turn off Core Audio when troubleshooting or copying between projects

Posted on Thursday 5 March 2009

Wow, I read a tip somewhere on the Vienna forums that if you held down control when you launched Logic it would disable Core Audio, and you could open up a project and troubleshoot your plugins that way by disabling them and then re-enabling core audio.
That’s a big help (especially since Vienna runs so finicky on my iMac w/ 4 GBs of ram…time to upgrade I guess), but I realized that can also be a big help in other ways too:
In Preferences > Audio > Core Audio, un-check “Enabled” and hit “Apply Changes”.
Now you can open up a project instantly. This is great for:
•copying a region between two projects, or several regions, without having each patch load every time you give one project keyboard focus (eliminates several minutes of downtime)
•editing a score for printout – you just want the score, you don’t need to hear all the virtual instruments!
•saving a channel strip setting (how did I get that cool bass delay in that one project?) •optimizing a project (I don’t need that whole section of the orchestra…let me delete those tracks BEFORE you load them).

Then, when you’re back in your current project, or you’ve troubleshooted, or you’ve optimized, then you can click the “Enabled” checkbox and apply changes again.

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