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Archive for February, 2009

Change controller assignments live in Logic

( audio andLogic 8 andMusic )

I have a MIDI keyboard that I’m using that doesn’t have a mod wheel and doesn’t have a sustain pedal. However it does have some other knobs that send MIDI data. One of these knobs is assignable on my keyboard, but the other is not. I wondered if I could use one knob for the […]

New Custom Growl and MP3 Download Notification System

This weekend I wrote and combined some custom statistics software that broadcasts activity onto my site. I’ve been getting lots of direct mp3 traffic from China thanks to the music search engine Soso. I wanted to highlight that activity as well as try to encourage users to browse the rest of my site. I also […]

My IMDB Page

( audio andoriginals andvideo )

I have an IMDB page for my work on Peeling it Off. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3248770/ Who updates these pages anyway?

145+ Brief iPhone Application Reviews

( Apple andiPhone andmisc )

Evidently I feel the need to review these iPhone apps before I delete them. iPod – I keep this on my home page of the iPhone because I don’t need constant access to it. As of OS 2.1 I can hit the home button to quickly get to the home page, and use double click […]

Make a Vibrate-only iPhone Alarm

For such an amazing device, the iPhone sure does lack some features. Forwarding text messages, copy and paste, and background applications come to mind. But there’s been one thing that’s been bothering me lately: Vibrating alarms. The iPhone’s clock application is great, allowing you to set timers, use a stopwatch, and have unlimited alarms. But […]

20+ new mp3s, 2 new videos

( audio andMusic andoriginals andvideo )

I’ve published 20+ new mp3s on my website. Go to my home page to view them or feel free to dig through my mp3 directory. I’ve also uploaded two new videos: Passiflora Vision Drive The mp3s are also available: Passiflora Vision Drive

Free Goofy iPhone Ringtone

Here is a free goofy iPhone ringtone written by yours truly, from the Peeling it Off Theme. jordanbalagot_ring1 It’s so cheerful that people will look at you like you’re crazy, but hopefully it will cheer you up too. To install, right click and save, then drag the file to iTunes. Then connect your iPhone, and […]