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Archive for June, 2008

Turn Wii Rock Band Instruments into Real Instruments with Junxion

UpdateCheck out my velocity sensitive full MIDI drumset with the guitar hero set and the rockband set. Today I figured out how to easily turn the rock band drum set for Wii into a MIDI drum controller: I did this with Junxion, a program that allows you to transform USB and wireless game controller input […]

Chicago Traffic, Traffic Statistics, and the One Museum Park building

I’ve been using this site I found about about, GCM Travel Stats, for predicting and analyzing Chicago traffic a lot lately. It works pretty well unless you get an unprecedented freak traffic spike like I did today: It took me almost two hours to get from Midway to Uptown. I think it was the cubs […]

Crazy Shawshank Redemption Tree

I started admiring this tree off of I-55 about a year and a half ago on my many trips to and from St. Louis from Chicago. I noticed it for its odd asymmetry and for its placement (all alone in a beautiful field on a farm). It reminded me of that Shawshank Redemption quote– There’s […]