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Archive for May, 2008

Reality Thoughts: Human memory, sparks and refresh rates

( misc )

I’ve had two realizations about reality and the way the mind works. Sorry if this post is too random or metaphysical; they’ve been rattling around in my brain and I’d rather have them written down. The first is that we typically think of knowledge as a tree: We are born as a root, and as […]

New Youtube Videos – part 2

( Music andoriginals andvideo )

I’m redesigning my front page but meanwhile here are some more videos from the past couple months. These are more orchestrations of Persichetti, Bartók and Faith rescored to a popular film: Rural Games   Night Discovery Both pieces were performed by members of the Chicago Civic Orchestra and conducted by Cliff Colnot.

New Youtube Videos – part 1

( Music andnotation andoriginals andvideo andwii )

Here are some new videos of work I’ve done. I’m trying to think of ways of altering the original videos that I’m rescoring so that they seem fresh again. Here is another original video: One idea I had was to overlay the video with an inset of the recording session and a scrolling score: I […]