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Archive for October, 2007

Free Explanation Album Online

( drumming andMusic )

I put all of the 2005 Explanation album online. It plays when you visit the site and you can also download all of the mp3s. http://theexplanation.com. I played drums in the Explanation from 2003-2005 and recorded the first five tracks of this album. Now that The Explanation’s over I’m in a new band, Samantha with […]

New Favorite Current Band – The Flashbulb

I just found the band The Flashbulb, which is the answer to my posted previous question, is there anything these days that can rival 90’s Squarepusher? This stuff is mindblowing. Really good IDM and well composed music, and best of all, he’s based in Chicago! I had no idea that scene even existed here. Radiohead’s […]