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Archive for January, 2007

More thoughts on Pandora

( Music andThe Web )

The people at Pandora.com are cool too, and responded right away to my suggestions. I was going to blog about how I thought they should tweak their interface and further thoughts on how cool it is, but instead I’ll just post the correspondence. Hello Jordan Great idea!  We actually are working on a user interface for […]

I LOVE Pandora

( Music andThe Web )

How many hours have you spent going through your itunes library, looking up an artist in the mini store, and then clicking on related artists to discover new music? If you’re like me, then it’s several. Well, I found a better way to do this, for free, online. It’s called Pandora. Now, instead of digging […]

Google maps goes crazy

( misc )

I tried to get what I thought would be simple directions but now I’m dizzy. read more | digg story -edit- Aw, they fixed it, but I still have a screenshot: