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Archive for July, 2006

This just blows my mind

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Pepto-bismol ice cream. For the love of god, why? I kind of want to try it though.

My recent electronic music exploration

Anyone who knows me will know that squarepusher is one of my favorite electronic artists, and even, artists of all time. His groovy jazz, funky beats, backbreaking tempos and mind-bending editing make it sound like the most complicated, innovative music I’ve ever heard. Granted he has a lot to thank from Aphex Twin and the […]

My Web Alphabet

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I think it’s neat how safari’s autocomplete works, when you start typing it lists sites descending from the order you visited them in, so I’ve been finding I only have to type one or two letters and then hit down to go to the sites I want. I thought it would be an interesting post […]

Here we go again

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So I have a problem of not updating my blogs enough, and somehow I think the solution is to create another one. So far I run four blogs; my unupdated transyouth one, the societal community blog culture critic, the mostly-tech blog problems to solve, and now this. Well, I’ve been finding I still have stuff […]