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Portfolio of Music

Jordan Balagot, Composer

Jordan B, Producer

B.M. in Composition,
Oberlin Conservatory of Music

M.F.A. in Music Composition for the Screen,
Columbia College Chicago

Apple Logic Pro Certified

(310) 800-2754

Recent News
I was part of the music team for Cloud Atlas, working as an arranger and music programmer. The soundtrack is available on iTunes and Amazon.

I co-composed the music for the feature I Do, which is premiering at festivals worldwide.

I composed the punk music score for the short Genderfreak, and the soundtrack is available on iTunes and CDBaby.

I composed additional music for the movie Killer Elite. You can purchase the soundtrack on Amazon.

A track of mine was recently featured in a Target commercial, and also featured in Animal Planet's "My Cat from Hell."

I scored the music for the Italian film 6 Days on Earth along with industry veterans Johnny Klimek and Reinhold Heil.

I produce electronic music under the name Jordan B. New tracks below.

I orchestrated music for the band Dirty Vegas and the New World Symphony at their Synesthesia event in Miami.

More news can be found in my blog.


I am a Los Angeles-based classical and electronic composer available for film scoring, TV, video game soundtrack, and commercial work. A Composer's C.V. is available upon request. Please listen to my work samples and feel free to contact me via or at (310) 800-2754.
Work Samples
All music copyright 2016 Jordan Balagot.

Recent Work (mp3s)

Here is the most recent work I've done. Licensing often does not permit me to display the work online, but a few clips are available in the Video section below.

Yi Soon Shin Trailer 2010, Suspense/Action
Vine and Ring Themes 2009, Full Orchestra, Action/Drama
Head Case Opening 2009, Full Orchestra, Mystery/Horror
Harold Emerges 2009, Full Orchestra, Suspense/Drama
Garden Alarm 2009, Full Orchestra, Action/Horror
Tools Theme 2009, Full Orchestra, Romance/Drama
A Man's Image Opening 2009, Drama/Inspirational
Age of Innocence 2009, Romance
Among All Creatures Theme 2009, Drama
Lament of the Magi 2009, Romance/Drama
Luxury Minimalist 2009, Commercial
Faire Les Quatre Cents Coups 2009, Jazz/Drama
The Usher Theme 2008, Documentary/Inspirational
Hijack Cloudy 2008, Action/Suspense

Passiflora 2008, Dance/IDM
Vision Drive 2008, Dance
2008 Chicago Film Festival Trailer 2008, Adventure
Apocalyptic Park Jog 2008, Action
The Ginger Virus 2008, Sci-Fi/Horror
Peeling it Off Theme 2008, Comedy/Children's
Rural Games 2008, Orchestration
Night Discovery 2008, Orchestration
Paranoia Drive 2008, Orchestration
Urban Pan 2008, Orchestration
Silk Romance 2008, Romance/Drama
Barnes' Fate 2008, Action/Suspense
Translations 2007, Romance/Drama
Annabel Lee 2007, Drama/Poetry

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Current Highlights

The Public Bathroom Door
This Target commercial features my music, currently airing nationally.

Killer Elite
I wrote additional music for Killer Elite, including the tracks "Radio", "Feathermen", and "Hunter's Release".

Yi Soon Shin Trailer
I was commissoned by Onrie Kompan to score this trailer for the Yi Soon Shin Comic.


I produce electronic music as Jordan B LA. I co-produced a track with the band Suspicious Package and have an upcoming music video coming out with them.

Many of my tracks were commisioned for commercials for the company Bangstyle. Please follow me on SoundCloud as Jordan B LA.


The 44th Annual Chicago International Film Festival Trailer
This is the trailer for the 44th Annual Chicago International Film Festival. I did the music and Ken Nordine did the film design and voiceover. The trailer plays before each movie at the festival. 2008.



Spark Productions Reel
The very talented Isaac Speding of New Zeland used the Ravel String Remix for his Motion Graphics Reel. Click for other videos by Isaac Speding on Vimeo. 2008.


A semi-robotic cop chases the phantom tagger, torn between killing or falling in love. A dance piece with live music and electronica. For Columbia Chicago's Music for the Screen MFA program. 2008.

Dancers: Kevin Dirkson, Kate Dempsey
Choreography: Wilfredo Rivera



Vision Drive
Two singles serenade each other with fantasy dances in a surreal club. For Columbia Chicago's Music for the Screen MFA program. 2008.

Dancers: Kevin Dirkson, Sarah Keating
Choreography: Wilfredo Rivera


The Ginger Virus
An original film with original music. It's 2012. President Palin has been unable to stop the collapse of the global economy. The catastrophic Ginger virus has the ability to spread between humans and computers alike. It has taken over the world bank databases and it produces devastating isolation among its human hosts. Story by Andy Hill. 2008.



Dash's Chase - ascii version
This is a rescoring of a clip from a popular film, and rendered in ASCII to prevent copyright violation. The audio has been completely replaced. Scored and rendered with Finale and GPO. 2006.


This is a score to a scene from the play Translations. The score was composed to video and then both were performed live together. The characters in the play, George and Maire, don't understand each other but find other ways to communicate. From a recital for Columbia Chicago's Music for the Screen MFA program. 2008.

Music Conductor: Francesco Milioto
Musicians: The New Millennium Orchestra
Actors: Katie Fitzgerald and Tyler Gray



Paranoia Drive
An orchestration of a theme by Bartok, with information overlaid (a scrolling score and a video of the film scoring recording session). Click on the high quality version on youtube and make it full screen to see the score. Music played by members of the Chicago Civic Orchestra conducted by Cliff Colnot. 2008.


Don Juan Action Soundtrack
This is a short clip of a submission I sent to the Turner Classic Film Scoring Competition. The music was done in Reason. Real player version still available. 2003.


Raquetball is a short drum 'n bass music video, created with live video, Canoma 3D renderings, and Propellerhead Reason. Real player version still available. 2003.




Tearing (5.3 MB)
This was written in memory of Leslie Roberts, a friend and fellow composition major who died suddenly in the spring of 2002. This piece was not written about her, but was rather an expression of my shock and anguish of her death. This recording was performed by a student orchestra and conducted by Jeff Nelson at my senior composition recital at Oberlin, April 20, 2003.

Concerto for Drum 'n Bass (11.7 MB)
The Concerto for Drum 'n Bass was written in an attempt to bridge the gap between classical orchestral music and intelligent dance music. It is written for live orchestra and CD, and was performed by a student orchestra at my senior recital. I wrote the electronic parts in Propellerhead Reason, and conducted the orchestra while cueing the CD. 2003.


Once (8.9 MB)
Written for Jess Rossi for her Oberlin senior voice recital, for string quartet and voice. Cowritten with Leighanne Saltsman, who also wrote the lyrics. Performed at Jess Rossi's senior recital. 2000.

Beautiful Dreamer (4.7 MB)
A Jazz Ballad for piano and voice, sung by Leighanne Saltsman. 1999. Recording of a rehearsal.

Maine Summers (6.8 MB)
Written in memory of Mabel Dennison, who passed away in the fall of 2001. For SSAATTBBB choir and as sung by the Offbeats. This a cappella piece attempts to imitate several electronic effects. 2002. Studio Recording.

Colonel Fanfare (1.3 MB)
Commissioned by Francis W. Parker school for their alumni centennial celebration, performed by the Northwestern Brass Ensemble. Recording of a rehearsal. 2000.



Ravel String Remix (1.4 MB)
A short 6/8 drum 'n bass remix of the classic Ravel String Quartet no. 1 in F major. Made with Reason, 2002.

  Levitated (1.9 MB)
A short clip of a house song. Made with Reason, 2002.
  Passiflora (2.9 MB)

A fusion of classical music and drill 'n bass / breakcore, 2008.


Film Scores

A Man's Image (short), 2008. Carolyn Okafor, Director.
Peeling it Off, 2008. Matthew Singletary, Director.
Confession, 2008. Timothy Vannette, Director.
The Usher, 2008. Carolyn Okafor, Director.
Among All Creatures, 2009. Tyrone Acierto, Director.
A Man's Image (feature), 2009. Carolyn Okafor, Director.
The Chicago International Film Festival 2008 Trailer. Ken Nordine, Producer.
Spark Productions Motion Reel. Isaac Speding, Animator.

Performed Works

Chamber Orchestra:
Concerto for Drum ‘n Bass, for chamber orchestra and CD, 2003
Tearing, 2002

Chamber work:
Beautiful Dreamer, Voice and piano. 1999
Colonel Fanfare, commissioned by Francis W. Parker High School, performed by the Northwestern Brass Ensemble, 2001
Heimo’s Rag, 1998
Journey, for piano, 2000
Once, for string quartet and voice, 2000
Translations, for chamber ensemble, 2007
Passiflora, for chamber ensemble and tape, 2008

Maine Summers, for SSAATBBB, 2002
Rivendell, SATB, 2003

Electronic soundscore for Makibaka: The Truth about Freedom, 2000
Electronic music for Doors, 2002

Raquetball, electronic music video, 2003
Ravel String Remix, electronic work, 2003
Levitated, electronic work, 2003

Copyright Jordan Balagot 2016
(310) 800-2754

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 jordan_balagot_passiflora.mp3  45,579 
 jordan_balagot_bach_techno_midi_remix.mp3  36,943 
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 jordan_balagot_once.mp3  29,731 
 jordan_balagot_ravel_string_remix.mp3  29,081 
 jordan_balagot_age_of_innocence.mp3  28,851 
 jordan_balagot_hijack_cloudy.mp3  27,327 
 jordan_balagot_hc_opening.mp3  26,511 
 jordan_balagot_garden_alarm.mp3  26,219 
 jordan_balagot_concerto_for_dnb.mp3  26,035 
 jordan_balagot_warner_improv.mp3  25,670 
 jordan_balagot_harold_emerges.mp3  25,337 
 jordan_balagot_ginger_virus.mp3  24,907 
 jordan_balagot_colonel_fanfare.mp3  24,395 
 jordan_balagot_peeling_off_theme.mp3  24,368 
 jordan_balagot_night_discovery.mp3  24,042 
 jordan_balagot_maine_summers.mp3  23,828 
 jordan_balagot_tools_theme.mp3  23,546 
 jordan_balagot_processional.mp3  23,495 
 jordan_balagot_film_festival_music.mp3  23,355 
 jordan_balagot_vision_drive.mp3  23,250 
 jordan_balagot_journey.mp3  23,083 
 jordan_balagot_rural_games.mp3  22,459 
 jordan_balagot_djurdjevdan.mp3  22,436 
 jordan_balagot_the_usher_theme.mp3  22,312 
 jordan_balagot_mans_image_opening.mp3  21,603 
 jordan_balagot_urban_pan.mp3  21,441 
 jordan_balagot_luxury_minimalist.mp3  20,972 
 jordan_balagot_paranoia_drive.mp3  20,378 
 jordan_balagot_translations.mp3  19,884 
 jordan_balagot_raquetball.mp3  18,963 
 jordan_balagot_apocalyptic_park.mp3  17,346 
 jordan_balagot_levitated.mp3  17,126 
 jordan_balagot_barnes_fate.mp3  16,815 
 jordan_balagot_lament_of_the_magi.mp3  16,234 
 jordan_balagot_dashes_chase.mp3  15,460 
 jordan_balagot_faire_les_quatre.mp3  13,963 
 jordan_balagot_dongu_credits.mp3  2,737 
 sextacular_theme.mp3  1,008 

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